Friday, May 15, 2009

Turtle Rescue

I found this cute little guy trying to cross the road today. Naturally, I pulled over, got out and put the turtle in a plastic container that I just happen to carry around in the event that I need to rescue a turtle. I think he's a box turtle, but what do I know?

My Arizona-dwelling sister, Sarah and brother-in-law, Bret have a pet desert tortoise. A few weeks ago, while my sister was on vacation, her turtle somehow flipped itself over onto its back and had a close brush with death as a result. Apparently there is actually a difference between turtles and tortoises.

For instance, a desert tortoise can't do this....

Is that cool or what?!!

No turtles (or tortoises) were harmed in the making of this video. The above-mentioned turtle has been safely released into the woods behind our house.

And yes, Casey, one of my birthday wishes did come true. I found the Christopher Lowell desk, matching shelf and small filing cabinet on craigslist!!! When my office is cleaned up, I'll take a photo and share my exciting find. I'm still waiting for the Lexus, however.