Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Memory of Joseph

I don't know Joseph or his family, but that didn't seem to matter today when I read his blog and found out that he died on Thursday. It still hurt and it still made me cry.

As my life was changing this week because my baby was starting kindergarten, another mother's life was changing because she lost her baby.

I'm hugging my boys a little tighter today and praying for Joseph's family.


Casey said...

Thanks Aimee for posting about him. I read his blog and then spent the entire day looking at the other *warrior* blogs. I think I spent 1/2 the day in tears, and holding onto my little girl a little tighter and thanking God for giving me the gift of a baby(s). Even though I can't hold my unborn baby, I sure am cradling him/her. Makes me thankful for what I have which is MY FAMILY! Thanks for posting about him.

Sarah said...

Hi Aim, I read about their story after you posted this blog, it was so sad but it made me appreciate life a little more.

Kiki said...

Good words.