Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So much to blog about, so little time...

As my baby heads off to kindergarten this year and I cut those apron strings, I am also trying to cut the apron strings that bind me to this computer where I waste WAY TOO MUCH time. That is why I haven't gotten around to posting about all of this important stuff...until NOW!

A lot has been going on around here. My baby turned 6 and headed off to kindergarten, all within the last two weeks.

These pictures (and video) are from Adam's actual birthday. He chose to go out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, a.k.a. the peanut restaurant. He loves the fact that you can crack peanuts open and throw the shells on the floor. I messed up the video because I started out filming sideways before I remembered that I needed to turn the camera around, plus Adam is sitting on a saddle and I completely cut that out of the video. One of these days I will master the use of my new camera. Shortly after I do, it will break.

1st day of (all-day) Kindergarten

Adam was so excited for his first day. He walked into the school ahead of me with his big brother and friends as I struggled to keep up. Then, when he got to the door of his room, he waved, said, "Bye Mom!" and walked right in. I had to remind him that I was planning to come in and take a few pictures. After snapping a couple of shots, I turned to go, but not without looking back for just one last glance at my big boy. Adam was looking up at me as though it was finally hitting him that THIS WAS IT and I was really leaving him here...ALL DAY! That slightly uncertain look on his face was all it took to send me blubbering into the hallway. I promptly went to my minivan (yes, I still have the minivan) where I called my Mommy.

1st day of 3rd Grade

These 3 have been friends since kindergarten. I take their picture together every year on the first day of school. Dang, my kid is tall!

Those are "J"s made out of Skittles, in case you were wondering. Jacob doesn't like chocolate so he had a separate lemon cake. Adam's name is spelled out in mini M&M's.

Even Willie couldn't resist a good sword fight.

Diet Coke, Mentos & plumber's butt - ya gotta love that!

These are pictures from the dual birthday party. My boys' birthdays are 2 weeks apart so they opted to have their party together. Each of them invited just a few friends over for some backyard fun and grilled hot dogs. There was weaponry everywhere in the form of water balloons, water pistols, Nerf dart guns & foam swords; in other words, it was a boys' paradise (and our lone girl in attendance, Olivia, liked it too!). The night ended with a sleep (aka no-sleep) over. This was one of the easiest and cheapest parties we've ever done and oddly enough, according to Jacob and a few of his friends, the best one ever!


jellybean78 said...

Looks like they had a blast, Aimee!

Sarah said...

OMG Aimee! That IS a lot!! They both look so grown up! It looks like their birthday party was awesome! I'm glad you got through Adam's first day...Love you!

Brandi said...

Great Post! Glad to see all the new pic of b-day parties and school. However, my family (I mean Tim) is going to be extremely disappointed that he missed out on the mentos/diet coke experiment!!!!!!