Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birds & the Bees

Excerpt from a conversation that occurred in my van today...

Adam (almost 6 years old): Mommy, do you have to get married before you have a baby?

Mommy: Thinking to myself, do I give the long answer or the short answer, remembering that my almost 9 year old son is also present, listening intently to my answer and will likely extend this conversation into dangerous territory if it gets too interesting.


(Not entirely true, I know, but it's something to strive for, dontcha think?!!)

Adam: How do people NOT have babies before they get married?

Mommy: Who wants to get ice cream?!!


Anonymous said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

lottery raffle said...
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Soliloquy said...

A most excellent response!

Did it work??

jellybean78 said...

I keep waiting for one of my kids to ask me something like that!

Jennifer said...

Honestly! I NEVER knew icecream could be used as a form of BIRTH CONTROL!!!

Sarah said...

LOL! I think you handled this conversation very well! :)