Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House Guest

We are dog-sitting Riley while his family vacations at the Grand Canyon and in Las Vegas. He makes a very cute temporary addition to our animal menagerie, don't you think? Yes, there is a puppy underneath all that fur. I'm going to dust mop the floor with him later. Don't call the ASPCA; I was just kidding!!!

Below are some pictures of our permanent residents; Rocky, the stray cat who adopted us and now runs the household, despite my sworn disdain for cats, Max & Ruby, named after the cartoon characters, and Peanut, the elderly tenant who has tested our patience from the very first day we brought him home, 14 years ago!

Max is kind of a camera hog, isn't he?


Kelly said...

They are SO cute!! :)

jellybean78 said...

Maddie LOVES the cartoon Max and Ruby. Yours are pretty cute too! LOL

Jennifer said...

I love your menagerie! Even Peanut with his icky eyes!

Sarah said...

I LOVE your pets! They are so cute!