Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Past Halloweens

2007 - Back View

2008 - Front View

This is me and my Mom in 2007, but it's actually my costume from 2006. When I get the scanner working, I want to post it again because Willie was a tourist Grandpa and we rocked! We even won the neighborhood award, which is a hugely coveted and very competitive contest. By the way, "me and my Mom" is proper grammar, even though it doesn't sound like it. If you are a regular reader, you know I am a freak about good grammar.

Garth & Wayne 2006
I almost didn't post this one because of my double chin, but what the heck...I have no shame!


jellybean78 said...

Awesome, Aimee! Scott and I rarely dress up, and then it's only because of a Halloween party or something. We need to let loose more often. :)

KCAimee said...

Willie always grumbles about dressing up, but then he has a great time. It's for our neighbor's awesome annual Halloween bash. If the adults don't dress up, they are teased mercilessly so it helps motivate the unspirited folks! We moved into a great neighborhood.

thrilled by the thought said...

The Garth and Wayne is the best! Love it!

Sarah said...

Awesome Aimee!! I love it! What were you the year you and Marci forced John into being a cheerleader? :)Bret and I are going out tomorrow night with some friends and I am a school girl...guess who picked that one out! :) I will have to tell you that story later. Love ya!

KCAimee said...

Well, I'm kind of a school girl this year too since I'm dressing up as Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL.

The year that John dressed up as a cheerleader was a blast. Let's see, I was Cruella and Willie was a ginormous Dalmation dog. He looked adorable drinking beer in his doggie costume. I need to dig out those pix of John. He was hilarious. I remember laughing non-stop all night long.

Sarah said...

I would love to see those pictures! LOL Too bad I was too young to go with you guys that night!

patinamarie said...

Welcome back to blogland! I've kept "stalking" your blog to see if you were back or not. Seems that no matter how busy we get, blogland is in our blood!

Happy Halloween! I loved the trash-collector-themed costumes. Original!

A friend of mine dressed up like a cereal killer several years ago - a big box of cereal with a bloody knife sticking out of it. I've seen it done since, but it was original back then!

Have fun and be safe tonight,


Jennifer said...

Tag you're it! Go to my blog to see what to do.

marilee said...

Aimee, you are going to be a gorgeous grandma one day in the far off very distant future!!!!
I love all the costume ideas that you have created over the years. What fun!