Friday, October 3, 2008

International Walk to School Day (Are you kidding me?)

This morning on the way to school (driving by the way, because we live almost 2 miles away)...

Me: "Boys, next Wednesday is Walk to School Day, but I have to work so we won't be able to participate."

Boys: "OK."

A few seconds pass...

Jacob: "Can't you walk to school whenever you want?"

Me: "Yes."

Jacob: "Then why do they have a special day for it?"

Me: "To make the Mommies who can't do it feel guilty."

GUILT and parenting go hand in hand. I like guilt. It's something I'm good at.


patinamarie said...

I'm with Jacob! When did every thing we do in life become a National Movement?

Just do it or don't! Without the GUILT!!! Gotta love the pressures of motherhood, don't ya!

I was naive thinking once my three boys were older it would be easier. Well, it's not. It's just more expensive and mine seem to want to be mommy'd without the being mommy'd part! I can't win!!! LOL

jellybean78 said...

I'm with you. There's no way Aubyn could walk to school either. And while I agree that a lot of children aren't getting the exercise they need, I think there are other ways to support it than to make all the kids that live too far to walk feel left out. :-)

jellybean78 said...

How can you read three books at the same time??? I would be so confused! LOL

Shellie said...

You have a brother named GARY! ahhhh! :)

Okay I'll email you. I've been gone on vacay or I would have gotten back to you sooner.

oh and The Proper care and feeding of marriages is good too. both are. I really like them.

Jennifer said...

How did the adsense thing work out for you? I'm thinking about adding it to my blog but don't know if it really brings in any $. Your thoughts???