Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ramblings of an Insomniac

We have had some pretty amazing lightning and thunderstorms this week. On Tuesday, lightning struck a petroleum tanker. Isn't this an amazing picture? During Monday's storm, the boys and I were driving home from an appointment when I saw lightning strike an electrical pole right in front of us. The traffic signal went out for a second and then flickered back on...scary stuff.

Check out these gorgeous flowers I got today from my Dad and Vickie. They just bought a house in Arizona and will be moving there soon from California. Now, when we go visit our Arizona peeps, they'll be there stop shopping - YAY!!

Random picture of Tori Spelling that I thought I'd throw in for fun. This looks like something that would happen to me. I just heard about a 90210 spin-off show that is supposed to air in the fall. I was a huge Beverly Hills 90210 (or ho, as we used to call it) and Melrose Place fan so I'm sure I'm sure I'll be tuning in to check it out. It's supposed to be about a family who moves from Kansas to Beverly Hills.

I don't usually have trouble sleeping, but tonight (or should I say, this morning), I find myself roaming the house looking for trouble. My Mom came over tonight and we all played a game of Uno Attack. I should have noted the time when we started because I'm sure we played this one game for over an hour. It was a marathon session lasting so long that Adam quit at one point. He had us all cracking up because he had a ton of cards (object of the game is to get rid of cards) that he kept hiding in different parts of the room, making the game last even longer since he had to retrieve them each time it was his turn. Even though the boys were wiggling, wrestling and generally driving me crazy at points during the game, it was really fun. Tonight made me realize that I don't take enough time to just sit down and relax with my family.


Brandi said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep!! Makes for some nice uninterrupted computer time :-) Hope you can catch a good nap today. Talk to you soon!

jellybean78 said...

Awesome storm picture Aimee!

Momma said...

The pic of the storm is amazing...good catch. Love the pics of your trip to the Lake. How far from the ATL? Maybe we can meet there next year!

BTW, I remember Peanut! :)

Casey said...

WOW!! That is an amazing picture. To cool :)
BTW- wheres your bikini picture? :) I need my HD to take a pic. of me so I can post it.