Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eating crow

I owe Archuleta an apology. He did an amazing job tonight and I'm sorry to say, I think our Kansas City boy, David Cook, is going down tomorrow.

On a completely
unrelated note, after May 30, I will no longer be an employee of the school district. My summer of unemployment is just days away...YAH BABY!!!


Jennifer said...

Unfortunately, I agree. I have not been a fan of David A. since day one but he did a spectacular job tonight. Regardless of who gets the votes, they are both all set for great careers!

You must be counting the days down until the 30th! YIPEEE!!!!

Sarah said...

I would have to agree here even though he annoyed Bret and I SO BAD! We have a problem with his lack of confidence and Cook's over confidence. I'm not that impressed with either of them actually!