Saturday, May 3, 2008

The entries are...

I promise I haven't been dragging this contest out just to be dramatic, but now that you mention it, the suspense is making it more fun and the entries keep rolling in! Seriously, the last two days of my life have been a total whirlwind (and I mean that literally...I'll get to that in a later post). So, here are all the entries so far. If you don't see yours here, let me know.

  • Life Through My Lens - Jennifer R.
  • Imagine That - Jennifer R.
  • Brandiland - Jennifer R.
  • Brandi Straight Up - Jennifer R.
  • Brandiliscious - Shellie
  • Brandi's Whine - Don (Cheri's DH)
  • Brandi's Word Smith/ - Soliloquy
  • Brandi: WordSmith - Soliloquy
  • BrandiBlooms - Soliloquy
  • BloomSmith - Soliloquy
  • Bloom n' Rooms - Soliloquy
  • Brandi On the Rocks - Soliloquy
  • PhotoBouquet - Soliloquy
  • BrandiNames (get it? Brand Names) - Soliloquy
  • Brandi-On-The-Rocks - Soliloquy
  • Spittin' Image of Who I Used to Be - Soliloquy
  • I Know I Left Me Here Somewhere - Soliloquy
  • Brandi Schmandi - Shauna
  • Brandi Schmandi Smith Schmith - Shauna
  • Bloggin' with Brandi - Wende
  • A day in the life of Brandi - Wende
  • NAME BRANDi Blog (or leave blog off too- get it- name brand jeans, name brand blog) - Wende
  • The best of Brandi & the boys - Melanie
  • Smith Stories - Melanie
  • Have a Drink with Brandi - Casey
  • A Splash of Brandi - Cheri
  • Brandi And The Babes - Jennifer G.
  • Brandi Whine (no offense i thought it was funny) - Jennifer G.
  • Brandi And The Fam (or Family) - Jennifer G.
  • That Brandi - Jennifer G.
  • Yours Brandi - Jennifer G.
  • My Heart Is My Family - Jennifer G.
  • Handy Brandi - Aimee (hey, it's my contest, I can enter if I want to)
  • Stone Cold Fox - Aimee
  • Red Hot Smokin' Brandi - Aimee

I'm overwhelmed with all of this creativity and I want to steal some of these for myself. Maybe we should all go into business selling blog my wheels are spinning. Ok, back to the contest. The new deadline is tonight, Saturday, 5/3, 8pm Central time. I will announce a winner shortly after that, and possibly a runner-up or two.


Sarah said...

My entries: "Brandi blogs" or "The Blogs of Brandi"

Sarah said...

Another one: "Brandi's bloggin world"

Sarah said... more: "Blogs by Brandi"

Anonymous said...

ok, but if your friend Brandi wins...I'm whining to the max! ONE entry and your face is up many times. argh.
oh well, good luck 2 u and me 2.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has a jealous bone! Guess it pays off to do your homework. I am so thrilled that Brandi won. You are a really dedicated friend to of helped her win this makeover!!!!

What really stinks about this upset anonymous blogger is that it truly was a contest. You win some and you lose some!

Dear anonymous, keep trying and keep your chin up:-)