Sunday, September 14, 2008

46 Days Until Halloween

My friend & neighbor, Michelle, loves Halloween.

She also loves Pirates of the Caribbean.

And Captain Jack Sparrow.

These pictures were all taken at her house.

Most of them, like the one above, were taken in her basement,

which is decorated in a pirate/dungeon theme (that's my nephew Nick, isn't he handsome?)

all year long.

Can you see why my kids might think that Michelle is the coolest Mom alive? That is Michelle's daughter, Olivia, lounging on the leopard chaise. You might remember that she was the only girl at Adam and Jacob's birthday party. That's because she can hang. At Jedi Training Academy this past summer, she whupped on ALL the boys. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. Jacob is still nursing his ego.

This is not Michelle. I will post pictures of Michelle later in one of her award-winning Halloween costumes or maybe with her good friend, Captain Jack. Leave it to Michelle to meet and befriend a man who almost looks more like Captain Jack than Johnny Depp, in Kansas City, no less.

This is Michelle's Spooky Town collection.

Did I mention that Michelle loves Halloween?


patinamarie said...

Wow! I can't believe I have a kindred Halloween spirit out there! Your neighbor, Michelle, sounds too cool! Most people think I'm "out there" for liking Halloween as much as I do, but it's just so much fun to pretend.

Unfortunately, now we live in the country on the side of a mountain and NEVER get trick or treaters anymore. I miss them.

thetinylittlegirl said...

geeze! i'm jealous of all the cool stuff in michelles place!

Sarah said...

Wow! That's really cool! Can I come for Halloween this year? :)

jellybean78 said...

I wish I had even a small portion of her creativity, although I don't know that I could have that much devotion to one holiday. The other holidays might become jealous! LOL

Shelllie said...


Oh my gosh it seems forever since I've been to your blog. I'm such a bad bloggy friend.

Okay I'll have to get Drill Bit Taylor. I love Owen Wilson too :)

This year I'm going to make an attempt to decorate more for halloween. I love it too.

Brandi said...

Now I am really disappointed that we didn't get to Michelle's house last time we were there. It is definately a must next time.