Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pet Cemetery

This is where Peanut and Brandy are buried. It's a woodsy area behind our backyard that I sometimes refer to as the Pet Cemetery because of all the neighborhood pets buried there. It's not as creepy as it sounds, especially if you've read the book, "Pet Sematary" by Stephen King. Now, that book is creepy and makes a great read for the month of October.

Peanut doesn't have a proper headstone because we haven't made one yet. He's probably up in doggie heaven looking down and thinking, well sure you haven't made a've been too overcome with grief. I could tell when I saw you the next day at Worlds of Fun...

Ok, this is going to be my last post about deceased pets for a long time, I promise.


Raven said...

Sooo very sorry to hear about Peanut and Brandy. Boo!

We had a St. Bernard named Brandy when I was growing up...and I just lost my kitty Kiko this past June, so I know how much pain you're going through. I still can't talk about her without bursting into tears!


amyanne said...

I totally love your blog! I'm a publicist for Christian authors...would you be interested in reviewing/blogging books on your blog?

I see that on your list you have Same Kind of Different As Me...I LOVED that book.

Some of the authors I represent are Joanna Weaver, Tricia Goyer, Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck, Mary Byers, and more.

Thanks for your consideration and for letting me interrupt you via your blog. :)


P.S. sorry to hear about your doggy.