Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oops! I did it again.

Once again, I find myself overcommitted.

Humor me while I think out loud for a moment...Hmm, let's see, so in addition to the general household and family responsibilities of being a wife, mother and owner of three dogs & one cat, I am now committed to the following:

Baseball Team Mom

4 year-old Preschool Teacher

Co-chair of Staff Appreciation Committee at sons' school

Library Helper for both sons' classes

Volunteer at PTA Clothing Center

Room Mom for Adam's Kindergarten Class

Garage Sale THIS weekend

You know those dog collars you can buy to cure a dog of annoying barking? If you're not familiar with the premise of these devices, basically, they deliver a small shock whenever a dog barks. My newest money-making strategy involves an invention that is designed to cure myself and all the other women out there like me. It's a device we will wear when answering the phone, attending PTA meetings, staff meetings etc., etc. A shock will be delivered whenever we say the word, "yes". It would probably work something like this:

Except that I'm not this skinny...


Megan said...

so i am not quite as afflicted with this as you are, but that video is so funny! Somehow you'll manage AND be super mom at the same time. :)

Megan said...

I meant to comment before about the onesie...my step-sis gave it to me. She found it at a boutique, but you can find it (and other CUTE stuff!) on the ladies website-www.ovilove.com. :)

Jennifer said...

That was soooo funny! We need to catch up with each other!

Pat Winter said...

Send me one! LOL.
Thanks for visiting my blog,and for the really sweet comment.