Friday, September 26, 2008

Farewell Old Friend

1/13/94 - 9/26/08


Sarah said...

I'm sorry Aimee...I loved Peanut so much too. I hope you guys are doing ok.

Brandi said...

Oh Aimee, I'm so sorry. My boys are sad too. Take Care!

Mamma of 2 kids said...

Poor you all... Sorry to hear about Peanut.

Shellie said...

oh that makes me sad!!! I'm so sorry!

Megan said...

I am so sorry. :(

Jennifer said...

I loved Peanut. Meggie will be sad too. I know all too well how hard it is too lose a pet and even though you and I were both prepared for our recent losses, it still hurts and I think it's actually harder than expected.

I'll call you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh Aimo....
So sorry to hear about Peanut!! I know how difficult it is to lose a member of the family!!
You guys gave Peanut a Wonderful life!!!

I got your card yesterday..... Thank You!!
I Love the photos of the boys!!! They are getting so Big!!
I would Love to see you sometime during your visit here!! A night out sounds great ~ just let me know what works for schedule!

Love & miss ya.... looking forward to seeing you soon!


Anonymous said...

Just happened to check out what the Ramirez family was up to and am sad to see that Peanut has gone to Doggy Heaven. Chad will be so sad, he loved your dogs. I'll always remember Chad's total acceptance of Brandi's constant licking- you & I cracking up as he pulled his sweat pants legs up so she could continue her licking. As for Peanut, I remember you coming in to work one day really upset that he had eaten your camera case (I think he had eaten a belt the week before?). ahhhh - fond memories - I miss you! Love you Terri