Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Definitely on my Wish List

If you want a funky, fresh hand-stamped necklace like this one (or something similar), get over to A Splash of Brandi and let her know. While you're there, pick one up for me. Christmas is just around the corner.

Of course, if you're a retail store, Christmas is already here, right next to the Halloween section (at least it is at Target and Hobby Lobby). Every time I walk past the artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, red ribbon and artificial poinsettias, my heart rate quickens. AHHH, the stress of it all!!

My 100th post and next giveaway is just 4 posts away. I'm hoping to work my way to it in the next week. With lots of hard work and procrastination of everything else I should be doing, I think I can do it.


Brandi said...

Thanks for the plug!! I had an Uppercase Living Show last night and just happened to have my necklace on. My friend Christina gave it a notice and before I knew, I had it off and it was making it's way around the room. I left with about 12 e-mail addresses to send info about the necklace and the info about the Galleria. I am so glad someone discovered this darling necklace!!! What til you see it with the new beads that I purchased. Some in redish orange chunky squares, black chunky stones, etc. And, by the way...I found the charms I had lost. It saved me about $100. Whew!!! Again, thanks for the plug. Good thing we're friends and you are on my Christmas list:-)