Saturday, September 13, 2008

We have a winner!

Jen S., Congratulations on winning the Sweet Spot Blog Follower contest!! I don't know if I still have your address, so send me an email at kcaimee (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah & Jennifer, I entered your names in the contest because I know you both tried to be followers but blogger didn't cooperate.

Thanks everybody for entering. Check back in the next few days because I'm working on my 100th post and I am going to commemorate that with another giveaway. How else am I going to get rid of all this stuff that is left over from my garage sale? Just kidding...I think.

I know, I know, Jacob REALLY needs a haircut. Thankfully I bought a Conair "haircut kit" from my Mom at our garage sale for $3. Poor Jacob. He has no idea that he's about to be used as my guinea pig (insert evil laugh).


My2Gs said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my contest! Good Luck :) Keep checking back, I have a few more on the horizon!

patinamarie said...

This was fun! Even though I'm a loser!!! LOL. Congrats, JEN in blogland.

My three boys are older now, almost 21, 18 and 15, but I remember the days of the "mom" haircuts. Hopefully, you do a better job that I did. There were some really scary hair cuts that could only be remedied via the BUZZ CUT. Oh well. Time heals all wounds, um, oooopses! (is that a word?) Probably not, but we've all done it - an OOOPS multiplied. Good luck with the "cutting".


Sarah said...

LOL...I'm sure Jacob will have fun being your guinea pig! :) Please post a picture once you are done! HAHAHA Thanks for entering me in the contest!

jellybean78 said...

Thanks Aimee! My address is on it's way.

Good luck with Jacob's hair cut. Post some pics of the finished product!

Brandi said...

Can't wait til your 100th post. By the way, how did the garage sale go? Don't tell Tim that you have a hair cutting kit. We will for sure be on the road to KC for Kadyn to get a hair cut. He can't stand his long hair. Make sure you post a pic of the new do!

Talk to you soon!