Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brandi, Tim, Kadyn & Kamden

The "How You Live" song track isn't working again so I'm giving a shout out to my Dad by putting his favorite song back in the #1 position. Enjoy the tunes Dad!

The boys and I are driving to Wichita this morning to visit the Smiths for a couple of days. We're hoping to go to the zoo because Wichita has one of the best. Brandi and I met about 11 years ago when Willie and I lived in Wichita. We worked together at Koch Industries with some really great people in the Recruiting department. I have such fond memories of this time of my life. We worked some long hours, but we always managed to have a good time. Brandi, remember throwing Skittles over the top of the cubes and hitting Jim Mason on the head while he was talking on the phone? Peter Heyer (need I say more, other than just mentioning his name)?!! Going to Tanner's after work and sneaking the shot glasses out in our purses? The Safety Dance? Deciding where to go for lunch every day was an adventure we looked forward to?

I am so blessed to have a BFF like Brandi. She is kind, loyal, supportive, generous and very fun to hang out with. Back in the old days, neither one of us had kids, but now we both have two boys. Kadyn, (almost 8) & Kamden (almost 3) are now my boys' BFFs. Not to be forgotten is Tim, Brandi's husband. Tim is the icing on the cake to this friendship. You know how sometimes you have friends you adore, but you could pretty much take or leave the spouse? Well, that is not the case with Tim. He is one of the funniest, nicest guys I've ever met. He's also a great Dad who loves playing with his kids and what's not to love about that?



Brandi said...

We are so excited for you guys to get here!!! We can't wait. Really, could you hurry it kids are driving me crazy asking how much longer!