Monday, March 3, 2008

Willpower, don't fail me now!

~The elliptical machine I LOVE to HATE!~

~Piece of Art, Picture Frame Thingy~

Shellie from Get Strong. Stay Strong. had a great idea. She suggested setting a goal this week and rewarding ourselves if we are successful. My goal is going to be NOT to cancel either of my two work-out sessions with Bridget this week and to squeeze in at least one work-out on my own between now & Friday on our elliptical machine. This probably doesn't sound too difficult, but I have the willpower of Jello when it comes to working out. My reward is going to be a pedicure. I really need to achieve this goal. My toes are begging for some attention. They feel neglected. No, seriously, it's been over three years!

In addition
to exercising some willpower when it comes to exercising and eating better, I have also been trying for a while now to exercise (why does that dreaded word keep popping up?) more restraint when it comes to shopping and impulse purchases. The other day I went to One Stop Decorating to FINALLY order a curtain rod for our family room and I saw the awesome piece of art, picture frame thingy or whatever you want to call it that is posted above. Oh man, I wanted it bad. They offered to take it right down off the wall and load it up for me, but I said, "NO"! I did however, take this picture, hoping to convince Willie that it is the perfect focal piece for some unknown destination in our house (FAT CHANCE!).

By the
way, and this is totally off topic, the reason I don't say a lot about the love of my life, Willie, is because he is very private and blog-shy. I think he lives in terror of me revealing some really personal thing about him on my blog. Hard to believe, I know, but sometimes I am kind of an open book.


Brandi said...

I think you guys need to come down over spring break and we can both exercise and shop together. However, I can't promise that I can be the one to help control any urge to buy something decorative (that is my weekness since I don't currently like buying clothes due to lack of exercising...) We are a pair :-)

No, I am so proud of you for your commitment to getting fit!! So much that it keeps me going to the gym. I can't hang out with you if you are going to be all tight and tone and me, well, you know.

Hope we can get together in a couple of weeks! Talk to you soon!

Shellie said...

Okay I love that poster of the beach right next to your elliptical.

lol jello willpower :) thats me too. I was thisclose to not going to my kickboxing class last night. But I did. And I almost threw up. When's your two training sessions? I can't wait to see some pics of your newly pedicured piggies. (Oh yeah I forgot to mention you have to take a pic of your reward!)

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

too funny Aimo - I LOVED the photo fam tree!!!! I want one! and I know exactly where I'd put it! That was wwwaaayyyyy awesome! Tell Willie not to worry... any secrets you may divulge would be safe amongst us bloggers! wink. I think Don is really turning out to be a closet blogger... he's starting to get into this too!

Sarah said...

Aimee...I KNOW you can do it!!! I have so much faith in you on this! You have been doing so well and you looked GREAT when I saw you last month, I am so proud of you! When I don't feel like exercising, I remember how good I feel about myself afterward. Maybe that will help. Love you sis!