Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 25

This is my baby sister, Sarah, and her fiance, Bret. After seven years of dating, they are tying the knot next week at Central Park in New York City. I refer to Sarah as my baby sister because she is all of 24 years old, compared to my...well, never mind how old I am. You just need to know that she is my baby sister. My life is so crazy sometimes that even though I've been planning for this day for over a year, it is just now hitting me that my baby sister is getting married!!! What do you want to bet that I'll cry?

By the way, Sarah thinks I am the only person who reads her blog. Go see her HERE now and prove her wrong!


Sarah said...

I love you Aim! This blog made me cry! I am so glad you will be there to share this experience with me!