Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is it a keeper?

Before I rip the tags off this purse I just bought for $16, I need some affirmation. Is it a keeper? It's not real leather and I'm kind of a purse snob when it comes to that, but something about this purse is drawing me in. Am I wrong? I should tell you that the red is actually a bit darker than it looks in the picture.

For those
inquiring minds who want to know if I was able to scrub away my botched tan, I am happy to report that lemon juice and peppermint foot scrub pretty much did the trick. I'll need to do some more scrubbing again tonight, but I think I'll be presentable in time for the wedding.


Jennifer said...

It's cute! I'm not much of a purse kinda girl so I'm probably not the one to ask.

I probably won't talk to you before you leave. Have a GREAT time in NY! You are going to LOVE Carmines (the Caesar Salad and garlic bread are to die for) I can't wait to see pics!

Be safe!

Brandi said...

I really like it. After all, for $ what if you just carry it for a weekend or a month or whatever. Do your thing and resell it on e-bay. I say definately worth the $16. Glad to hear the tan removal remedy worked.

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

whew! good to know that lemons and peppermint did the trick! maybe you can market that for others found in your predicament!

hey - i carry a fanny pack on my shoulder 1/2 the time... so, I can't give you any advice about the purse... but I do love red!

enjoy the Big City! We always love going there when we see the in-laws! (maybe because we're outta the house!) hummmm

The Mc Family said...

I LIKE IT!! And yes, you can ask me. :) $16- you can't beat that. Looks like a fun purse and one that you don't care if MARGARITAS, KICKS (bc I have a 15mon. old) or something else spills on it. Looks pretty cool to me. :)