Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

In case you live on another planet (or anywhere but Kansas!), the KU Jayhawks won the NCAA championship last night and in our part of the world, that is big news.

Adding to my sports fever, the KC Royals have their home opener game this afternoon.

But even
better than all that, do you love my blog makeover or what?!!! Shauna, I don't know how you work your magic, but I love that you do.

my posts have been so spotty and short lately. During baseball season, we eat, sleep and breathe baseball because Willie coaches Jacob's team and assistant coaches Adam's team. I get the busy job of being Team Mom and yes, it's an official title designated by the 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County, and rightly so for all the work it entails.


shell said...

boo kansas!

(not that I really care... but them winning made Chad my dh lose our family tournament)

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

go jayhawks!

hey - i know life is busy for ya - but we must remind ourselves - someday we'll be wishing we were living these days once again!

love the new family photo you put up!