Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brandi Needs a Makeover

Actually, Brandi's blog needs a makeover, but wasn't that a catchy title? Brandi is definitely not in need of a makeover. She has amazing style and I love to copy her hairstyles, home decor, etc.

It is my mission to win a blog makeover for Brandi and as a result, I have been entering different contests this week while I should be focusing on household pursuits. Willie can and will gladly confirm this. My latest effort to get Brandi "made over" involves giving a shout out to an amazing blog designer and person with all-around good taste. Her blog is called Fabulous K and it has been on my list of links since the beginning. She posts about fun things related to blogs, fashion, home decor, you name it. So, go visit her and if you think about it, while you're there, tell her that Brandi needs a makeover!!

Lastly, when, and I do mean when, not if, Brandi wins this FABULOUS makeover, she will need a new blog name. I have only managed to come up with dorky titles that she probably won't go for such as, "3 Dudes and a Chick", "Red Hot Smokin' Blogger Chick", "Stone Cold Fox Blogger Chick", and my favorite, "Jacked Up On Mountain Dew". You can see why I'm no help to Brandi in this department. Please comment with your blog name suggestions. The winner will receive a handmade bracelet in the colors of their choosing. Just click on "COMMENTS". It's not hard, I promise. No sales person will call, your identity will not be stolen and your computer will not develop a virus. It's just a comment people.


Jennifer said...

Now I am going to slam you with a whole bunch of blog names!

1) Brandiland

I"ll come back when I think of more!

Brandi said...

OMG Aimee! You are the bestest bestest BFF ever! I can't believe that you doing this for me. I should come and clean your house for you (after all, my washing machine is broken and I am not getting much done around here). Okay, I am kinda partial to the blog title "Jacked Up on Mountain Dew" that really does fit me?!!? You are too funny! I'll pay you back somehow. I'll just have to find the perfect way. Thank you so much!

shell said...

lol I saw the jacked up on m.d. and dr.p and was like how in the heck is Aimee going to keep up with all these blogs! now after reading the post I understand.

i personally love "stone cold fox" one.

oh and I'm glad you like the hoodia!

Cheri w/ a "C" said...

what about - "A splash of Brandi"?

too cool! Catching up on my bloglife - been busy... soccer... baseball - cow jumping the fence - same-o - same-o

KCAimee said...

If you see a winning blog name, let me know and I'll award the prize.

Jennifer said...

I've got it...


KCAimee said...

Very cute suggestions! If Brandi wins the blog makeover on Fabulous K tomorrow, we'll end the contest early. If she doesn't win, the contest will end when I get back from NY (probably Sunday).

jennydecki said...

I found you through your comment on the She Just Had to Say It I'm not a random stalker or anything.

I do love naming things here is my list of potential blog names. (Domains checked as of 4/29 @ 7pm CST via GoDaddy)

BrandiWhine (no offense i thought it was funny)
BrandiAndTheFam (or Family)
ThatBrandi (my fav)

My new fav

I'm totally tapped out on domain names now LOL. Hope you find the right one for your blog Brandi, no matter who provides it. Everyone deserves an awesome blog name!