Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bettle Juice Update

I've had a couple inquiries about how Adam's beetle juice treatment is working out. I wasn't going to include this picture because I didn't want to gross people out, but hey, what's a little grossing out amongst friends?

As you can see, the second treatment did in fact, result in a blister. A GIANT blister that is about 2-3 times the size of the wart! Luckily it is not directly on the sole of his foot so Adam isn't bothered too much by it. The doctor's office told me to just leave it alone and not pop or drain it unless it was bothering him. That's some pretty powerful imagery, isn't it? Sorry, I warned you this would be gross!



Shauna said...

that is really, really ...did I say REALLY gross.

Jennifer said...

Poor Adam! Good thing he is such a tough little guy! What's a boy without his war wounds, right???

By the way - K was totally serious about being blind in the dark but this morning I mentioned the conversation and I asked her if she understood why it was funny. She said "Yeah, I guess everyone is blind in the dark." LOL!