Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day - My Family Rocks!

Wanna see what my boys and my hubby were doing while I was having a good time in Phoenix without them? The super cute Cupid house on the left was constructed by Jacob. In the picture below this one, you can see my favorite part of the house! The beautiful heart tree was painted by none other than Adam! Notice the green hearts (his favorite color!).

I couldn't leave Willie out of this little love fest...The gorgeous flowers were from him. I know that flowers on Valentine's Day aren't original and you're probably thinking, why post about that? Didn't a lot of people get flowers yesterday?!! Well, you know what? Maybe a lot of people got flowers, but I don't know if they appreciated them as much as I did!

Thanks honey (if you ever read this, that is)!!


Shellie said...

Lucky! That is sweet, adorable, borderline barf fest of love. :)