Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hot Border Sauce NEWSFLASH

I went to lunch at Taco Bell today, big surprise. The orange packets and witty sayings have been replaced. The marketing geniuses at TB decided we want to see PURPLE packaging. And, instead of witty sayings that hardly ever fail to make me smile, there is now a cheesy website on the packet that directs you to Taco Bell's latest contest...very lame indeed. This will, in no way, affect my minimum quota of 1x per week lunchtime visits, but it really diminishes the "coolness" factor of Taco Bell.


Cheri w/ a "C" said...

ohmigosh... do you remember rushing over to the Taco Bell on Southern and like Mesa Dr to get the lunch specials... they did have the enchilatas back then, too! I remember getting the lunch combos! I even have a Taco Bell button stuck on my letter sweater "See you in Tahiti Sweetie!" I don't remember what that promo was all about - but I do know it came from Toxic Smell!

Shellie said...

I ate at Taco Bell this week. Had a really yummy Rachero Chicken Soft Taco Platter. Thought about you!

John Rippel (Dad) said...

I still like Taco Bell for their hot sauce alone. It makes Del Taco's hot sauce taste like --- (really bad). Unfortunately when I eat at Taco Bell I am always in such hurry I don't have time to read what’s on the packages but I sure enjoy reading all the comments about the labels.