Thursday, February 14, 2008

Star Student

Jacob was the Star Student in his class at school a few weeks ago. Part of that honor includes being put in the "hot seat", where your classmates each give you a compliment. Some of my favorites were:
  • You are good at gymnastics.
  • You are a very fast runner.
  • You are athletic.
  • You are the best friend I've ever had.
  • You are extremely nice.
  • You are very good at math.
  • You have beautiful handwriting.
  • You are good at six-base kickball.
  • You are a good soccer player.
  • You are very helpful.
  • You are a fantastic artist.
  • You are definitely smart.
  • You are polite and respectful.
  • I like the way you dress. (Is that a crack up or what?!!)
  • You don't interrupt the class.
  • You take pride in everything you do. (That's from his teacher.)

Can you see why I might be a little proud? I thought I'd add a few things to the list...

You are a great big brother.

You are a great baseball player
(sorry, I couln't find a good picture).

You are an animal lover
and in return,
animals love you.

You are a great fisherman.
I can't believe you even bait your own hooks!

You are adventurous.

You very coordinated and
have lots of upper body strength.

Stay tuned for a post about the other Star Student in my life...


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